Professor Binghui Song of SISU and Snyder center`s members to hold a talk

In the morning of May 13th 2018, Mr. Binghui Song, a researcher professor of the school of literature of Shanghai International Studies University and the deputy editor-in-chief of the Comparative Literature in China, was invited to the school of foreign language of Hunan University. In the coffee bar in the school, teachers and students discussed topics on the "Paper Writing and Publication" and related issues. The symposium was presided over by Professor Qionglin Tan., the research center members—— teacher Qianqian Chen, teacher Jingzhi Jiang, doctoral students and graduate students of literature and translation also participated in the symposium. During the symposium, everyone discussed enthusiastically and asked Professor Song questions actively.


First of all, Professor Song introduced some tips of the new trend of the current journal papers` submission: different from the traditional mailbox submission, many journals and magazines have set up a special online submission system. The contributors can submit their contributions on the Internet and follow-up the progress of manuscripts at any time. On the topic of "How to Determine the Topic and Develop the Research", Professor Song pointed out that novelty is one of the standards, more importantly, we should research on what we are really interested in, for the process of research and exploration is also the process of self-discovery. The innovation of the thesis is also embodied in the "new viewpoint" and "new material": On the one hand, we can either "continuing saying" or "contrastive saying" to the previous research achievements of the predecessors; on the other hand, we can find out its new meaning and value through the review and different interpretation of materials. In addition, Professor Song also introduced the fronts of literature research to teachers and students, such as Ye Shuxian's research on Chinese culture, he put forward some theses such as the "Method of quadruple way evidence", science fiction literature and the ethical and cultural problems in Artificial Intelligence,. Professor Song's explanation is simple and clear, which opens up a new vision for learning and brings new inspirations to our future research.    


Brief introduction

Prof. Binghui Song: Doctor of Fudan University, former director of Institute of Comparative Literature in China of the institute of Literary Studies of Shanghai International Studies University, vice-president of Research Institute. Currently, he is a professor of literature research at Shanghai International Studies University, deputy editor of the comparative literature in China, master tutor of the comparative literature and contemporary Chinese literature. He is mainly engaged in comparative literature and the relationship between Chinese and foreign literature, and the research on modern and contemporary Chinese literature.